SPA - Instruction of the Proforma

This form is to raise compliments and concerns regarding any Discharge of a Northamptonshire Patient/Resident, or any patient discharged from an Inpatient Stay. Your concerns are used to identify themes and support the learning process across the Pathway. Your concern will be investigated by the SPA Governance Group and the Hospital the patient was discharged from. Some cases are selected for in-depth investigation and review within the SPA Governance group. Feedback on cases will be presented at Governance group, Outflow forum and the Urgent Care Board. Learning will also be shared via Learning Bulletins. In some cases we will contact you directly for more detail to support the investigation. 

Please complete the Form as accurately as possible, describing as many details as possible of the concern identified and the actions you needed to undertake including if a patient needed to be readmitted to hospital or suffered any harm from the Actions/omission that led to the concern.

Click here to access the form. Many thanks for completing.

Last updated: 10/02/2020