Care home survey

In 2021 care homes will be invited by Northamptonshire CCG to join a structure  supporting the purchasing of placements for nursing care for people whose care is funded by the NHS through Continuing health care , fast track or who are  discharged from hospital awaiting an assessment. It will also include placements for those in receipt of a Funded Nursing care contribution

This will cover nursing care placements for people who have the following needs 

  • Older frail adults
  •   Those under 65 with complex  physical disabilities
  • Those requiring dementia care
  • People  with an acquired brain injury.

The commissioning structure will put even greater focus on achieving better outcomes for the people living in nursing care, providing the highest standard of care and promoting independence and maintenance of skills

The intention is to ensure that all homes are subject to the same level of clinical quality review, monitoring and development thus enabling the CCG to align more closely with the local authority social care services  in the oversight of service provision and quality outcomes.

Nursing homes that join the structure will be given greater opportunities for development and support for their care staff

If you would like to give feedback or make comments on any experience that you or a family member has had of nursing care in the county please complete the survey (hover over the word survey for the link)