Further pharmacies in Northamptonshire begin administering the COVID-19 vaccine

Further pharmacies in Northamptonshire begin administering the COVID-19 vaccine

More sites across Northamptonshire are now offering the COVID-19 vaccine to local people as a further three pharmacy sites are now live.

The three sites, two of which are situated in Northampton town centre and the third in Greens Norton, near Towcester, will bring further choice to eligible patients about where they can be vaccinated.

Chris Pallot, Director of Northamptonshire’s COVID-19 Vaccination Programme, said: “These additional pharmacy sites mean we now have more than 20 locations across Northamptonshire offering the COVID-19 vaccine. This means local people have a clear choice about where they would like to be vaccinated.

“Everyone who is eligible for a vaccine will be invited by either their GP practice or via a letter or text from the national booking centre. The letter or will enable local people to book an appointment directly at one of the pharmacy sites or at our Vaccination Centre at Moulton Park. Those who prefer to be vaccinated at their local GP site should wait to be contacted by their local GP practice.”

Vinisha Sharma, Superintendent Pharmacist at NHA Pharmacy and Clinical Lead and Site Manager for the service at Ramgarhia Sikh Temple in Northampton, said: “We were delighted to begin offering vaccinations at the weekend and the whole team, supported by volunteers from the GoodSAM programme, really pulled together to ensure we made a successful start. It has been so satisfying to take another step forward towards defeating COVID!”

Jane Lambert, CEO of ECG Training, which is running the service at Greens Norton Community Centre in partnership with Jardines Pharmacy, said: “The new vaccination service at Greens Norton is a nurse-led centre where ECG have trained all the new vaccinators and provide a nurse to supervise the centre daily. We have already administered over 1,000 vaccinations in the first 48 hours since opening, significantly increasing the vaccination capacity in South Northamptonshire. This is a great example of how unused venues, like the community centre here, can be transformed into vaccination sites, providing a vital service to more rural communities.”

Has Modi, Managing Director of Jardines Pharmacy, added: “The centre is a great example of two-family run businesses, Jardines Pharmacy and ECG working together for the community. Because we are a smaller group of pharmacies, we can be more agile and flexible which is why we have been able to set this centre up very quickly. It was great to see so many people coming through the doors on the first day to get their vaccinations and to see how happy everyone was to be there taking the first steps towards a normal life once again.”