Governing Body Meetings and Papers

Patients, members of the public and other stakeholders are invited to the Governing Bodies meetings in public.

You are very welcome to attend the meetings on a first come, first served. Your question/s should be submitted via email to

In order to give us time to prepare a reply, this should be received by us by email by 12 noon on the Thursday which precedes the date of the meeting.

Questions may be submitted by Northamptonshire residents and patients registered with a member GP practice. They should be pertinent to the agenda of the next Governing Body meeting. If you have any pecuniary interest in the subject of the question, this should be declared. Complex questions or those which require particular research, or data retrieval or analysis may be deferred and answered at a future Governing Body meeting, or directly in writing.

Grounds for not accepting public questions include, but are not limited to:

  • It would cost too much or take too much staff time to deal with the question.
  • The question is vexatious.
  • The question has previously been answered by the CCG in the last six months and placed in the public domain
  • The answer could prejudice a criminal investigation or commercial confidentiality.
  • The answer relates to personal data, which if released would be contrary to the Data Protection Act.
  • The decision of the Chair of the Governing Body meeting on whether to accept a question, and how it should be answered, is final.

Upcoming meetings

Meetings during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic:

Please be advised that in line with national guidance around the Covid-19 pandemic and increased pressure on NHS staff and services, for the foreseeable future the Governing Body meetings will be taking place virtually. Questions should be submitted in the usual way as stated above and responses will be answered and displayed on the website. 

The CCG will continue to extend a standing invitation to Professor William Pope, Interim Chair of HealthWatch Northamptonshire, to ensure that the public voice is heard in decision-making during this period.

Recording of the Governing Body Meetings in Public

From July 2020 the NHS Northamptonshire CCG virtual Governing Body meetings in public will be recorded and subsequently made available to view by the public via a link placed on this page of our website within the relevant Governing Body meeting papers.

You can view the latest video's of the Governing Body Meeting's in Public below:

Previous meetings and papers


Governing body meetings papers for Nene and Corby CCGs are available via our archive site.

Last updated: 06/07/2022