Making children safer in Northamptonshire - Guidance for Healthcare Staff

It is the responsibility of every NHS organisation to ensure that people in vulnerable circumstances are safe and receive the highest possible standard of care.  NHS Northamptonshire Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) is responsible for ensuring safe systems of care that safeguard children at risk of abuse or neglect.  The CCG Quality & Safeguarding Team ensure that they have robust structures, systems, standards and an assurance framework which enables compliance with legal and local government arrangements.

NHS Northamptonshire CCG have issued a “Making Children Safer in Northamptonshire” guidance leaflet for health care staff that has been widely distributed across health care provider organisations and through the CCG localities to GPs.

Sexual Exploitation

Child sexual exploitation is a form of child sexual abuse. Sexual abuse may involve physical contact, including assault, penetration (for example, rape or oral sex) or non-penetrative acts such as masturbation, kissing, rubbing and touching outside clothing. It may include non-contact activities, such as involving children in the production of sexual images, forcing children to look at sexual images or watch sexual activities, encouraging children to behave in sexually inappropriate ways or grooming a child in preparation for abuse (including via the internet).

Child sexual exploitation involves situations, contexts or relationships in which a person under 18 is given something, such as food, accommodation, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, affection, gifts or money in return for performing sexual activities or having sexual activities performed on them. It can also involve violence, coercion and intimidation, with threats of physical harm or humiliation.


The AIM team has launched a force wide gangs intervention called CIRV (Community Initiative to Reduce Violence), it is based on a programme of the same name which ran in Glasgow and was the most successful gang intervention anywhere in the world. The website has a lot of information and support.  To refer yourself or someone else to CIRV please click on the Link below and then the CIRV referral tab:

Also To Report online, Visit Northants Police Home page and click on GANGS (see below link)

County Lines

Guidance for frontline professionals on dealing with county lines, part of the government’s approach to ending gang violence and exploitation

Detective Inspector Carrie Powers : County Line Tactical Coordination & Support  Officer (TCSO) (email for help and advice only)

To Submit Intelligence Online

Or Call FIB (Intelligence unit) on 101 to discuss specific information or intelligence on Gangs/County Lines

Missing Persons

For advice or to discuss a case under investigation, Email, or Call 101 extension 341015.

To report a NEW Missing Person, call 101.

Failing all of the above, you can of course call our Non-Emergency Number 101.

Last updated: 14/02/2020