How we support our patient leaders

NHS Northamptonshire CCG supports a number of Patient Leaders to be actively involved in the design and procurement of services and to attend quality assurance meetings with providers. The intention is that Patient Leaders will represent the diversity of Northamptonshire residents.

We have supported our Patient Leaders in a number of ways including:

Patient and Public Engagement essentials workshop

This full day workshop covered sessions on:

  • What do we mean by engagement and consultation?
  • Why do we engage?
  • When should we engage?
  • How should we engage, and with who?
  • The principles of good engagement
  • How equalities is linked with and supports engagement
  • Processes

This event was also attended by CCG staff to improve their knowledge and expertise in patient and public engagement.

Patient leadership programme for Northamptonshire

Hosted by the East Midlands Academic Health Science Network (EMAHSN), this free two day course aimed to improve the leadership, knowledge, skills and confidence for Patient Leaders to effectively contribute and influence to decisions about patient safety, healthcare improvement and quality.

Learning outcomes:

  • Describe key healthcare patient safety and improvement theories and approaches
  • Define improvement and patient safety measurement metrics and strategies
  • Learn the knowledge, skills and confidence required to impact positively on overview and scrutiny roles
  • Explore behaviors, approaches and techniques including effective communication, negotiating and influencing skills in order to be effective champions for patient safety and improvement
  • Test out learning methods and approaches, such as Plan, Do, Study, Act and Action Learning Sets, and strategies to apply what is being learnt into practice.

Patient and Public Involvement Re-imbursement policy

It is best practice to reimburse patients and the public for their involvement. This guidance document outlines how this should be consistently achieved. (new document to be provided to link to ‘guidance document’)

Last updated: 27/02/2020