How you can get involved

NHS Northamptonshire CCG membership

The Northamptonshire CCG membership is open for anybody to join and is one way of finding out about news in your local area as well as opportunities to have your say.

By signing up to our membership you will be first to hear about upcoming opportunities to be involved in the way local healthcare is shaped via email updates.

Fill in your online membership form today.

Join a Patient Participation Group (PPG)  

NHS Northamptonshire CCG is encouraging patients to join their GP practice’s Patient Participation Group (PPG) to help influence healthcare decisions.

Patient Participation Groups are established in most of the Northamptonshire GP practices with the aim to bring patients together to discuss what could improve their practice, as well as health issues that affect them.

Anyone interested in becoming a member of their GP practice’s Patient Participation Group is advised to contact the practice manager at their surgery for more information.

Find your local practice here

NHS Acronym Buster

We know the NHS uses a lot of acronyms and we try our best to explain these in any public documents however if you have an acronym and you are not sure of the meaning have a look at the NHS Acronym Buster below:

NHS Acronym buster

Last updated: 26/02/2020