Changes to contracts

Each year the Northamptonshire CCGs negotiate new contracts with its providers (the hospitals in our county and the organisation providing mental health and community health services, as well as some smaller contracts). Contracts set out what services will be delivered by each provider, the standards of each service and what the CCGs will pay for the service provided to patients and service users.

Some contract changes are requested by NHS England and each CCG is required to make them. Other changes are local arrangements agreed between local CCGs and local Providers. All contract changes will have either a direct or indirect benefit to patients and service users. These benefits range from providing more responsive and efficient services to improving relations with providers.

What are these changes?

Nationally Defined
In terms of the the nationally defined changes to the 20/21 NHS Standard Contract the following highlights are listed below:

  • Maternity Services
    Improving the provision o Maternity Services in line with the Continuity of Carers Standard - (as the savings Babies Live Bundle should has already been achieved).
  • Eating Disorder Services
    Eating disorder services are to reduce waiting times for children and young people who need treatment in line with the Access and Waiting Time Standard.
  • Early Intervention Psychosis (EIP)
    All providers now need to see a minimum of 60%of service users requiring EIP within to weeks of referral.
  • Cancer Waiting Times
    Providers most meet the new cancer 28 day Faster Diagnosis Standard target of 75%.
  • Mental Health Follow Up
    Providers must meet the target of providing a follow up within 72 hours of an inpatient mental health discharge.

Last updated: 25/03/2020