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Personal Health Budgets (PHBs) are a new way of offering people more choice, flexibility and control over the care and support an individual receives from the NHS. PHBs are provided by freeing up money from existing service contracts in order to provide a sum of money to an individual to meet their health care needs in a different way.

The Clinical Commissioning Group's (CCG) intention is to extend our ‘offer’ and availability of PHBs to more people. Personal health budgets will be targeted at people with ongoing and high use of NHS and social care services. This is based on the recommendations within the NHS England Planning Guidance 2015/16 that CCGs are to lead a major expansion in the offer and delivery of personal health budgets to people, where evidence indicates they could benefit.

National and local evaluation of personal health Budgets has demonstrated that an expansion of personal health budgets beyond NHS Continuing Healthcare can deliver positive outcomes i.e.

  • Reducing avoidable use of hospital care
  • Improving quality of life
  • Empowering people to manage and make decisions about their own care and treatment.
  • Enabling people to develop their own personalised care plan
  • Promotes self-management and peer support 

Who can get a personal health budget?

For 2020/21 NHS Northamptonshire CCG will offer PHBs to the following;

  • people eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) or children’s Continuing Care, who already have a right to have a personal health budget;
  • people with learning disabilities and high support needs  eligible for CHC or through s117 Mental Health Act aftercare responsibilities
  • people who are in receipt of joint health and social care packages of support
  • a personal wheelchair budget for those eligible for NHS funded equipment

If you or a family member are in one of the groups highlighted above please talk to your key co-ordinator or the team/individual that arranges or reviews your care.  

NHS England CHC Mandate

From April 2019, NHS England require all existing CHC clients who are receiving care at home to have a PHB.  The CCG and it’s partners will be working through 2020/21 to move people across to a PHB.  This will be done during a client’s next review and will mean that individuals have greater involvement and choice in how their care is provided.  The PHB can be a notional PHB, where the NHS continue to commission services and manage the finances, or individual’s may choose to take on this area of responsibility themselves.  How a PHB operates will be discussed at an individual’s next review.

How can I find out more information?

Further information can be found on the Personal health budget page.

Last updated: 30/03/2020