Maternity services

NHS Northamptonshire Maternity Services website

A new website, which provides supportive advice to women and their partners during every stage of pregnancy and beyond, has launched. Previously pregnancy related information was available through multiple websites. The Northamptonshire Maternity Services website has been developed to bring together current and local maternity information into a single portal to support local women, partners and their families through their pregnancy journey and help them understand their options and make informed choices about the care and support that is available.

The Northamptonshire Maternity Services website includes:

  • A guide for women and partners through the three stages of pregnancy and tells them what will happen during pregnancy in each trimester
  • A dedicated section to explain the roles of the different clinicians they will see during their pregnancy
  • Information and support about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle

A section aimed at supporting dads and partners

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Last updated: 04/02/2020