Shared decision making/ Decision aids

What is shared decision making
Northamptonshire CCG is committed to promoting patient centred care, increasing patient choice and involving people in making decisions about their own treatment.

Shared decision making is the conversation between a patient and a health professional which leads to the best care or treatment decision for that patient. This conversation helps patients and professionals to understand what is important to the other person.

The clinician uses their knowledge of the patient’s clinical condition to explain the treatment options, the benefits and risks. The patient asks any questions they may have and explores the options available. The patient then makes an informed decision, which best meets their needs and preferences.

Decision aids
To support shared decision making, decision aids are available, which are designed to help patients fully understand the available treatment options; to consider the pros and cons of each option, and to facilitate communication with their healthcare professional.

For further information on shared decision making, visit the NHS England website.

This site also contains Option Grids which support shared decision making for a wide range of conditions.

Please note that shared decision making should also take into account, locally determined clinical thresholds.

Last updated: 26/02/2020