Your Guide to Local NHS Services

If you are feeling unwell but you are not sure of the best course of action to take, then our simple guide will help you decide.

There are a range of local NHS services to choose from and you don't always need to see a GP or go to A&E.

Scroll through the tabs above to read find out more about the different services available to you. 

Make the right decision

For common ailments and illnesses

Minor cuts and grazes, bruises and minor sprains, coughs and colds

Self Care

Need help fast and it's not an emergency?

Feeling unwell? Unsure? Anxious? Need help?

NHS 111

Feeling poorly and need advice about:

Fevers, stomach upsets, bites and stings, headaches, aches and pains.


For symptons that don't go away:

Ear pain, back pain, stomach pain.

GP Surgery

When it's urgent but not life threatening:

Sprains, fractures, minor burns skin infection.

Urgent care centre

Only in an emergency:

Loss of consciousness, severe breathing difficulties, heavy bleeding.

A&E or 999

Last updated: 31/01/2020